Unleashed Spa

unleashed-spaIs it with a heavy heart that we announce that we will be closing our doors next weekend. As the area develops rents increase and unfortunately as a small business we could not absorb this. We want to thank our amazing clients over the past 6+ years. You have been amazing to us

Located on a quiet corner of Anderson and Station Ave, right off of Lancaster Ave, Unleashed Pet Spa & Boutique is Ardmore’s premiere pet facility. Unleashed Pet Spa & Boutique is well-served by its enthusiastic owners.

Is your Groomer spending enough time with your dog? Too many times we have heard stories from pet owners who are not happy with the service they have received. Does your dog get nervous in new places and experiences? Do not worry, our philosophy is NO CAGES! We house your best friends in “Doggy Dressing Rooms” with a comfy bed and toys to play with while they wait for mom/dad to come pick them up. We also offer spa treatments! If you choose to wait for your best friend, we have a waiting area in our new retail section offering the newest and coolest toys, clothes and treats!

We invite you and your pets to take a tour of our facility and learn more about our operation and about the many ways we can benefit your pets’ personality and appearance. We encourage you to remove your doubts and bring your pet to Unleashed Pet Spa & Boutique. You can genuinely think of us as the people who sincerely care about your best friend.

Things to Consider When Looking for the Horse Grooming Kit

Not everyone would rather have a cat or a dog, or even the sweet singing nightingale or robin, for a pet. Many would rather have some of the wild animals like a ball python, Bengal cat, Sugar glider, even tigers. And there are those who would rather have horses to tame, train, and race. And if you are one of those who would like to tame horses and keep them as your own, you need to know more than just taming and training them. You need to make sure that they are well kept and groomed regularly to ensure that not only will they be looking and smelling clean, but also will help your equine’s health at its best. And if you are in your quest to find the best horse grooming kit, there are things that you also need to consider. This is what this post is all about.

Horse Grooming Kit

Why Do Horse Enthusiasts Find Having One Better Than Any Other Animal?

Maintaining a Horse Is Therapeutic

Many consider having a horse better than having any other animal for a pet for some good reasons. These horses are not intended for pasture nor for slaughter. Many horse enthusiasts and riders find having one is a good form of therapy. The bond that they create while tending or caring for the horse is far beyond riding.

Having a Horse Can Help with Your Fitness Goals

Tending a horse requires one to be actively involved. Riding one will require you to get out in the sun and share with the horse’s active routine. These are forms of exercises that can help you have an alternative fitness program, at the same time become closer to nature and receive the benefits of the outdoors.

Maintaining a Horse Can Make You a Lot More Social

Keeping horses will also mean that you will be having more social activities. You can be riding or racing your horse and you will definitely be meeting other riders and interact with them. Your enthusiasm to keep your stallion healthy and well may also mean that you will reach out with others through forums and other social media platforms to explore everything related to keeping your horse happy and healthy.

Keeping a Horse Is Quite Easy

Once you get used to everything that your horse needs to remain healthy and well, all that ever will concern you is providing it with the right food, bedding, shelter, as well as the best horse grooming kit to ensure that your horse will remain well while under your care.

Keeping a horse, is just like keeping any other animal. It requires a responsible owner’s commitment to ensure the safety and satisfaction of the animal. And one of the things that you will regularly need to do so is a horse grooming kit.

Degu Cage and Accessories

These exotic pets have their fame increasing every day among pet owners. They are very talkative, sociable, furry and cute. However, your degu will be having very specific needs for housing that must be met in order to remain comfy and healthy all the time. Degus enjoy spending their time in large cages. The minimum cage size for degus should have a base of 25” by 15”. It should be well ventilated with additional levels for more space. In this article, you will learn about degu cages and accessories.

Degu Cage

Best Degu Cage

When you acquire a degu, you will be required to make a choice of the nature of the cage you will keep it in. choosing the best degu cage for your pet is very important. You first need to know that degus enjoy their time when they are left in large spaces. This simply means that the cage must be large enough. These rodents are lively creatures that like to play and climb hence a lot of space is required to keep them happy. If you have more than one degu, you are required to acquire a cage that is extra-large to avoid overcrowding them because this might lead to injuries. Beware of the cages commercially available and described as specifically designed for degus because they might not be containing enough space for your degu.

Sugar Glider Food & Diet

In the world of pets, sugar gliders are relatively new. This simply means that meeting their needs is somewhat difficult since a lot of research has not been conducted on the same. The diet for sugar gliders is a controversial topic that is continuously being addressed. Nonetheless, it has been discovered that these animals require fruits and vegetables, proteins, supplements, water, dog food or dry cat food and treats. This article will give an insight into the sugar glider food to help you take care of your sugar glider pet with ease

A general diet for these animals involves varied food forms rich in the required types of minerals for good health, comfort and survival. However, the most appropriate diet is that whose ration of calcium to phosphorous has highly been maintained and controlled. The former can take 1 to 2 unit in the ratio while the latter takes only 1 unit to give a ratio of 1-2:1. Refined sugars and fats are not good a diet for these pets. Sometimes, you may opt to change the diet for the gliders. When such a time comes, you should introduce the new diet gradually giving it time to phase out the previous diet while ensuring that the pets do not suffer from any stress or pressure that may come about with the introduction of a new diet. When there are more than one gliders in the same cage, you should be very attentive to ensure that all the gliders are able to get the required amount of food according to the needed ratio.

Sugar Glider Food

A study involving the diet for sugar gliders indicates that they require a lot of different fruits and vegetables to survive. These foods should be fresh and at least a quarter of the diet should be made up of proteins. Note that gliders have a higher preference for sweet vegetables and fruits. Proteins for gliders can be obtained from small chunks of cooked lean meat. It can also be obtained from poultry with no additional sauces or even spices. Moreover, tofu, cottage cheese, yoghurt, and hard-boiled eggs can act as a good source of proteins for the pets. Vegetables and fruits for sugar gliders can be obtained from sweet potatoes, pineapples, pears, peaches, oranges, mangoes, grapefruit, grapes, figs, sweet corn, carrots, cantaloupe, bananas, avocados and apples among others.

Dog food or even dry cat food can also be used as best sugar glider food as a source of proteins. However, these foods should be used parsimoniously since they are not specific for sugar gliders and may not fulfil all the nutritional requirements of your pet. Supplements can also be used as food for sugar gliders. Sometimes, these pets may be fastidious consumers and at times your pet may not be receiving enough nutrients even when a balanced diet is being provided. To make sure that your pet is always healthy and happy, you can introduce D3 calcium and reptile multivitamin supplements into their diet to boost the number of essential minerals and vitamins into required in their bodies. Sugar gliders may not be reptiles but reptile supplements are affordable, convenient and rich in a lot of essential nutrients required for healthy growth and survival of your pet.