Degu Cage and Accessories

These exotic pets have their fame increasing every day among pet owners. They are very talkative, sociable, furry and cute. However, your degu will be having very specific needs for housing that must be met in order to remain comfy and healthy all the time. Degus enjoy spending their time in large cages. The minimum cage size for degus should have a base of 25” by 15”. It should be well ventilated with additional levels for more space. In this article, you will learn about degu cages and accessories.

Degu Cage

Best Degu Cage

When you acquire a degu, you will be required to make a choice of the nature of the cage you will keep it in. choosing the best degu cage for your pet is very important. You first need to know that degus enjoy their time when they are left in large spaces. This simply means that the cage must be large enough. These rodents are lively creatures that like to play and climb hence a lot of space is required to keep them happy. If you have more than one degu, you are required to acquire a cage that is extra-large to avoid overcrowding them because this might lead to injuries. Beware of the cages commercially available and described as specifically designed for degus because they might not be containing enough space for your degu.

Cage Accessories

These rodents are known to be consummate chewers. They tend to devour anything that is made of plastic. Therefore, any accessory that you provide to your degu should not be made of plastics. These animals are always in need of something to play with. They are very intelligent and I need physical and mental stimulation. You will be required to provide a lot of accessories for them.

Mental Stimulation and Exercise for Degus

To replicate the natural habitat of your degu, you can use beech pear, oak, ash or apple trees and branches to furnish the cage and provide them with something they can climb on. Ensure that the materials that you use are not treated with wood preservatives or even pesticides that may be toxic. They also like running around hence having a 10-inch diameter wheel in the cage is very important.  There should also be a tunnelling or piping system in the cage. You can use clay made tunnels to enrich their environment and mimicking their natural habitat.  Also because they love digging, you should provide a place with organic untreated soils where they can dig.

Eating and Drinking Accessories

There should be more than one feeding dish if you have more than one degu in the cage. There is also a necessity of water bottle with a long sipping tube made of metal. Each of the levels should have a water bottle. These bottles should be removed and cleaned every day because degus are susceptible to mouth disease.

Degu Cage Size and Materials

Wires are the most popular materials used to make degu cages. An increment in the number of degus in the cage should be followed by the provision of a larger cage. A 25” by 15” is the minimum floor size of the cage that you should provide to your degu. Additional multiple levels for space expansion are also necessary. Cages made up of wood are not the best for degus. This is because these rodents can devour the wood in hours and escape from the cage. Because they like chewing, the best material is wires. A metal base is the best. Wires are good for ventilation since degus are prone to respiratory complications. Moreover, cages made of glass are the best. If the glass has to be used, it can work well as the base of the cage. This is because glass will limit air circulation and the ability of the degu to climb. Glass cages also get hot very easily and very fast which may make your degu to suffer from heat stroke.

Where to Put Your Degu

Degus are known to be very hardy. So long as the climate is not harsh, these animals can comfortably live outside. Basing on the idea that they originate from a hot country, it shows that they can be comfortable to live in a warmer climate. Make sure that you do not place the cage in a place with direct sunlight or where a breeze blows direct through the cage

Degus are intelligent creatures that you should have as pets around your home. However, you should be able to meet their cage and accessory demands to keep them happy. Make sure that the cage is large enough and that it is made of wires and metal for ventilation and climbing. This keeps them happy and healthy.