Sugar Glider Food & Diet

In the world of pets, sugar gliders are relatively new. This simply means that meeting their needs is somewhat difficult since a lot of research has not been conducted on the same. The diet for sugar gliders is a controversial topic that is continuously being addressed. Nonetheless, it has been discovered that these animals require fruits and vegetables, proteins, supplements, water, dog food or dry cat food and treats. This article will give an insight into the sugar glider food to help you take care of your sugar glider pet with ease

A general diet for these animals involves varied food forms rich in the required types of minerals for good health, comfort and survival. However, the most appropriate diet is that whose ration of calcium to phosphorous has highly been maintained and controlled. The former can take 1 to 2 unit in the ratio while the latter takes only 1 unit to give a ratio of 1-2:1. Refined sugars and fats are not good a diet for these pets. Sometimes, you may opt to change the diet for the gliders. When such a time comes, you should introduce the new diet gradually giving it time to phase out the previous diet while ensuring that the pets do not suffer from any stress or pressure that may come about with the introduction of a new diet. When there are more than one gliders in the same cage, you should be very attentive to ensure that all the gliders are able to get the required amount of food according to the needed ratio.

Sugar Glider Food

A study involving the diet for sugar gliders indicates that they require a lot of different fruits and vegetables to survive. These foods should be fresh and at least a quarter of the diet should be made up of proteins. Note that gliders have a higher preference for sweet vegetables and fruits. Proteins for gliders can be obtained from small chunks of cooked lean meat. It can also be obtained from poultry with no additional sauces or even spices. Moreover, tofu, cottage cheese, yoghurt, and hard-boiled eggs can act as a good source of proteins for the pets. Vegetables and fruits for sugar gliders can be obtained from sweet potatoes, pineapples, pears, peaches, oranges, mangoes, grapefruit, grapes, figs, sweet corn, carrots, cantaloupe, bananas, avocados and apples among others.

Dog food or even dry cat food can also be used as best sugar glider food as a source of proteins. However, these foods should be used parsimoniously since they are not specific for sugar gliders and may not fulfil all the nutritional requirements of your pet. Supplements can also be used as food for sugar gliders. Sometimes, these pets may be fastidious consumers and at times your pet may not be receiving enough nutrients even when a balanced diet is being provided. To make sure that your pet is always healthy and happy, you can introduce D3 calcium and reptile multivitamin supplements into their diet to boost the number of essential minerals and vitamins into required in their bodies. Sugar gliders may not be reptiles but reptile supplements are affordable, convenient and rich in a lot of essential nutrients required for healthy growth and survival of your pet.

Just like any other animal, gliders always need water for survival. They take only a little of it since they get the rest of the water from the foods they consume but it is very necessary to always ensure that your pet has access to plenty of fresh water. You can increase the availability of water for your pet in the cage by using a stoppered bottle. Moreover, treats are a good source of minerals for the gliders. These pets love insects like earthworms, crickets and other insects that they can easily catch. However, they are more attracted to live insects than the ones that are dead or obtained from a freezer. However, insects should not be continuously fed to these pets due to their high-fat content and should be used only as treats. Insects contaminated with pesticides should not be used. Raw and unsalted nuts are also another form of treatment for gliders.

Sugar gliders just like all the other animals require a balanced diet for a healthy growth and survival. If you have a glider as a pet, do not worry because we have got you covered. Ensure that you have enough sweet and fresh fruits and vegetables for your pet, enough sources of proteins, supplements, dog food and dry cat food and a few treats. These create a diet that ensures a good survival and comfort of your pet due to good health provided by minerals obtained from a balanced diet.